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Hardwire Daze #136 Magazine Article (June / July 2021)
Tell the Children
Greg Leon Invasion (Self-Released CD)
Review by Ken Morton

Greg Leon is best known for his stints with the likes of Quiet Riot and Dokken in their early days, and since then has amassed an impressive collection of solo material. Under the name of the Greg Leon Invasion, the musician would launch his own visions starting with a self-titled endeavor in 1983. And now in the post pandemic year of 2021, the Greg Leon Invasion has presented Tell The Children to the world – featuring 13 songs of classic hard rock and AOR that should absolutely captivate the minds of all types of music fanatics.

With the explosive kick off track of She Wants Me going into the super colorful inflections of Rainbow Girl, Greg Leon and his band instantly captivate the listener with these opening selections. Where Is Love is another standout, presenting the Greg Leon Invasion at their most impassioned with a power ballad for the ages. Stormbringer rocks it hard and heavy while The Party Song makes you want to shake it all over and celebrate all the good things in life. Thrill Of The Chase is another grand slam that soars into the stratosphere. And be sure to listen all the way through the Tell The Children experience where the glorious title track presents Greg Leon and his band in their finest hour.

Greg Leon delivers vibrant lead guitar interludes and inspirational vocals throughout the entire Tell The Children experience. The Greg Leon Invasion also features dynamic performances from Rick Brandt on pulsating bass and cello as well as Ronnie Ciago from Diane and the Deductibles (among many other massive credits such as Brand X and River Dogs) bringing his own supremely imaginative flair to drums and percussions. Superbly and expertly produced by all three members, Tell The Children by the Greg Leon Invasion is an exciting collection of songs that you’ll be spinning for generations to come!
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